Glen Tui Partnership, Marton

"For the last 9 years we have been purchasing Merrydowns
Romney and Southdown Rams and see no need to change.

The Southdown cross lambs are born between the end of July to mid-August, and we dock
about 150% , by the end of October we have our first draft and send off about 60% at 18.5 kg plus.
The rest are weaned and 90% of them are away by Christmas while the money is still pretty good.

The Romney Rams have given us a Ewe flock that now has very good temperament, improved
our wool weights and colour and are a pleasure to work with and even look at.

Both breeds of Rams “live forever”, and they are very fertile, they work very well when out at
mating and they recover quickly. The Southdown Rams are “grunty buggers” and always
amaze our drafter on what an early wonderful cross lamb they produce.  

We are sure after purchasing Merrydowns Rams you will be like us, very pleased with
what they produce and it is a pleasure to deal with Blair and Sally."